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Birds on the run

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Hi guys! It has really been a while since I felt the sun on my skin! These last days made me so much happier walking around through the city and being able not to wear my fat coats. This was the first day this year that I did not freeze to death during the photoshoot.

Do you all remember that weird moment when Edward from twilight goes into the sun and sparkles like freeking creepy! I did actually feel exactly the same way when the sun hit this beautiful dress from AX-Paris! There are these small silver lines in it that hit it’s full beauty just by walking into the sun. Please take a look at this gorgeous cut out neck part and the princess like kickout dress! I feel so royal in it :D.

I added this cute scarf from birds on the run through A-zone be accessorized to it. It makes me feel even more like a pastel princess barbie doll! Isn’t it super cute? The little birds on the edges are so adorable and I can feel spring coming out of this scarf exactly like it is in the air right now.

Hope you love birds out there have the crazy spring genes coming out too <3




Scarf: Birds on the run through A-zone be accessorized

Dress: Ax-Paris

Shoes: Vintage


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