Argan Oil


I’m such a blonde. It just doesn’t make sense for me to have dark hair.

Today I will talk about you about my latest hair treatment. As you know I am a natural light blond but just got bored by the same color of hair for 21 years so I wanted change but still wanted to stay blond so I tried to get them even lighter in a kind of „Daenerys Targaryen“ whit haired style but as I am still a student couldn’t afford to pay for the hair dresser to do it.

My hairdresser was definitely right about the fact, that bleaching damages your hair massively. My hair was always thin and easily breaking but I don’t have the feeling, that bleaching made it much worse. Especially because since my hair is bleached I am taking really good care of it 😉

These Hair Products from Hask are amazing for thin and frizzy hair. They really take the Frizz out and make them easily to comb as well as super soft and straight. I use the conditioner and the shampoo each time I take a shower and afterwards I put some drops of the Argan Oil on my hand and spread it in my hair. My hair feels so much better since I am using these products and I think Argan Oil is definitely one of the best products you can get for damaged hair. Additionally since I love the smell of it.

With what do you guys treat your hair? 🙂

xx Nicki


Conditioner, Shampoo, Argan Oil and Hair Mask: Hask*



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