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A Day in the Park


Whoever said Diamonds are a girls best friend. Never owned a dog!


Theo joined my life and made it so much more enjoyable. When you are young everybody is telling you that you are not responsible enough to have a dog. They tell you that you won’t find enough time. That you don’t have enough  money. That you did not think it through.
But in my case. Thats all wrong. Theo is the third dog in my life. I did think about it a lot and it took me two years to finally go and get one. As I am living in the city I wanted to have a small dog so my apartment will be big enough and that he will be satisfied with walking through the park.
I looked it up which breads do best in apartments and cities and the Pomeranian was definitely one of them. Other than that I really see a lot of Chihuahuas and Dachshunds too, so he won’t be the only one strolling around.
Additionally I didn’t think that I would one day have more time for a dog then now while I’m studying. When I will start working I definitely won’t have the same amount of time to educate a dog.  So yes I did think it all through and Theo is one of the greatest things that ever happened to me. He makes my life so much fuller with happiness and smiles and love. 🙂 <3

That day we had so much fun playing in the park together. This cute long dress from Wholesale Buying was just a perfect fit.

I hope I can conjure a smile on your face 😀



Dress: Wholesalebuying