5 Tips: How to appreciate your Life!

In this post I will tell you 5 tips on how to appreciate your life more! Read it carefully and try to put these in your every day life so that you are able to create a happier and more present lifestyle.

Every single second is an opportunity to change your life, because in any moment you can change the way you feel.
– Rhonda Byrne

5 Tips: How to appreciate your life more!

1. Be Present

It isn’t easy for us to stay in the present. Most of the times we drift away into thinking about the future or the past. But being present is the most important thing to do. Once you are present it is much much easier for you to be happy!

What happened in the past is gone and what happens in the future doesn’t have to affect your day today.

I totally get it if you don’t manage to put your thoughts aside for a whole day but if you do it for only couple of minutes it can already change your life completely.

So how do you do it?
To escape your thoughts I think it is best to do Yoga or Meditation. Or at the very best – both! I, myself  am not that good at meditating yet but I am trying to get better at it. It is difficult to keep your mind in place and not start drifting around.
So my tip to you is to do Meditation after Yoga Practice. I think like this it is way easier for you to just rest and focus on your breathing. And if you are like me thinking dang man I am really not that stretchable and sporty, it doesn’t matter! You don’t have to go in all the way from the beginning. Just start out and try to do it regularly. You will definitely see a big shift in the way you feel about yourself and life in general.

2. Know your most valued treasures

It is really important for you to figure out what the most important values are to you! It will be much easier to live a happy life once you know your values and try to contain them or just worship them.
For me trust, love and kindness are the most valuable treasures. Receiving and giving these three treasures is on the top of my list everyday.

3. Appreciate even the small things that make you happy

If you learn to appreciate even the small things in live you will start smiling more often and just be happy for a longer period.

For example for me a cup of coffee in the morning is pure joy. I worked at Starbucks for a while and yes as a total digger for Starbucks coffee – I had to have a very very good milk foam at home too. So I invested in one of the best milk foam makers there is. And now every morning I am already looking forward to my cup of coffee and just like that I made it way more amazing for me to get up in the morning!

It doesn’t have to be a cup of coffee for you, there are other things in live that make one feel good and whatever it is – if it is the feeling you have when you go to bed in fresh sheets or if it is taking a bath when you come home from a very exhausting day. Try to figure out what these little things are to you and try to put them into your life more and more.

And stop right there if you are telling yourself that you don’t have time for a bath. How sad would that be if you hadn’t even time for the things that make you feel good about you!

4. Spend more time with Children or Animals

I love to spend time with my dog Theo as he doesn’t really care what’s happening all around him. As long as he gets his bowl of food  in the morning and few cuddles on the sofa during the day, he has the best life. Further he is just the happiest little soul ever and I am learning to add a little bit of that spirit every day I am being around him.

Children are also great to have around you as they too don’t get sucked up into thinking about the future rationally. They do what they want and more importantly they think that they can be or do anything they want. Try to think more like a child again. It will help and make you feel much better!

5. Stop Comparing yourself!

I am still trying to improve on this one but it is super difficult, especially in the Blogger World where every life, every home and every body on their Instagram accounts look perfect… BUT, just refocus and analyze their pictures, most of the pictures are edited to the fullest and with that you gotta keep in mind your treasures. If you treasure is being real and true to yourself and your followers and readers you don’t have to show them pink instead of blues or cloudy skies. If you treasure eating good food than you shouldn’t be starving yourself just to look perfect! I must admit that I much rather hit the like button on a bikini photo of a girl that is staying true to herself. Even if we all wanna fit in just think about it. Where do you wanna fit in. Would you feel right about that?
So don’t get sucked into comparing yourself…do what you have to do, do what you think is right and trust your gut and a higher power (if it is God or Buddha or Allah or even just some sort of weird energy, it doesn’t matter). If you are doing what you love, you are going in the right direction and you just have to have a little faith.