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3D Fiber Lashes


Hey guys! I am sure that you heard about Younique by now. I heard a lot about it but never from a trusting website. So I had to try it myself and I am super excited to tell you that everything what they say is true about their fiber lashes! They make your lashes look way longer and way fuller!

  1. First you mascara your lashes with the Transplanting Gel.
  2. Second You put the fiber lashes Mascara on your eyes. It will stick to your lashes now!
  3. Then you put another layer  of the Transplanting Gel over your fibery lashes.
  4. And boom you have amazing lashes!

I can recommend 3D Fiber lashes to every one of you that is trying for fuller and longer looking Lashes! I am using it every day since I tried it for the first time and my eyes look definitely much nicer defined with the fuller and darker look.

xx Nicki

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Younique: 3D Fiber Lashes